الأربعاء، 25 فبراير 2015

A Beautiful Day

It's such a beautiful day!
Good morning America! ... Good Morning Kansas.... GOD, I love Kansas, I love being in the west..... Ooops, my mama will be upset if she read this line, (*_*)...lol
I love Minnesota as well, not only for the sake of Momm but for the sake of Home, for the sake of its Beauty and of course for the sake of what Big City means, Oh God, I missed hanging out at Mall of America with my twin sister and cousin at the weekends...Any ways, here I'm trying to say something out load, by typing some few thoughts here on my journal entry. let's say I'm thinking right now about how brightening is life and how our beautiful warming Sun melting these Ice away .. pretty cool. Thank GOD. and it was nice to log in to my LinkedIn account and take a tour on a lot of LinkedIn professional profiles after morning workout
A new day, a new life, a new agenda, a new hope, a new goal, new experiences, cause new decisions and new steps forward with more gratitude and positivity.
For a moment, I'm wondering if I would take my injustice feeling a side, and stop thinking about how they could show disrespect to my religion or how could they do it picturing me as misconduct person while I'm the perfect employee, the role model employee? How could they lie about my disciplinary and responsible performance at work to picture me as rebellious worker to the Kansas State of Labor representative just because they care about money or because they are still on the retaliation stage??
I would like to know how people could be so venomous or so contradicted
 How could they do that??. That simple, they just wake up do a remarkable fresh start with their families, a lot of love to their spouses and their kids trying to be a role model for them by telling them lectures about being good and doing the right thing while they go to work and destroy another people's reputations, another people's careers by taking fake slurs on some innocent workers (people) who trusted them, who trusted the system. by taking the wrong or racist decisions, standing with the wrong side even though they know the true but saving their people, saving their race and hiding for their mistakes is better than standing for the foreigner. which is far from justice.  mmm, what a contradiction
Seems I didn't accept what happened to me, and obviously I wont because it's totally not right .. And as my friend (Mr. Duane Clark) said the other day: " Doing the right thing is not always easy but it's always the right to do.". Well, true. Doing the right thing or standing for the right is not easy. I will always wonder about how people can stay a very contradicted with themselves by saying something while doing the opposite. How people can build baseness over innocent tears???, How can they raise their children and keep smiling over other good peoples sorrows??.. How can they convince costumers and consumers to buy a product that the one who works on that product faces obstacles at work, faces pain, inequality and injustice and no one cares. Every one cares about raising money and if you try to demand your rights because in a moment you believed in the civil rights movements, if you dare to talk, you just become A Past Proverb. just like that old Oscar Winner movie "Blood Diamond" ...Why???... Are we in concentration camp or something??. Why some employers make a huge Unite of Attorneys just to destroy their employees one after another, or call them every single bad description that exists in the English Dictionary  while their greed & mortality grows high 
Wait a minute
 I should put this subject away... been bored talking about it over and over again..... It's a beautiful day, a little warmer then yesterday which means let's spread joy around through these line
Exactly, Imagine me right now I'm just enjoying listening to my favorite country music beside writing this piece of thoughts. Yes, I'm listening some of my country favorites like... Aaron Watson and his amazing: " July in Cheyenne" + "I've Always Loved You"... Zack Brown Band and his beautiful "Sweet Annie" .. Easton Corbin and his: "A Little More Country Than That"... Reba McEntire and her: "Somebody's Chelsea"
Yes, Thank God that I'm not the one who's UNJUST... also Thanks to them all because they taught me a precious lesson in this life, which is Staying Honest and Truthful no matter come thru on your path. just like The Real and True Cowboys that James P. Owen talked about and described in his both great Books: ** "Cowboy Ethics" and ** "Cowboy Values" ... At the end,  all what I would like to say is, that I know that I'm ready to accept God's favor... I know that I'll always smile, that I'll always accomplish my dreams.. that I have what it takes. I know that I will always hold the code of humanity, the code of the East and also the Code of the west in my heart and in my mind whatever I accomplish in this life... I will always stay that happy girl in Cargill who love everyone. I'll always keep that happiness and that light of love in my heart wherever I go, & stay Positive.

الأحد، 22 فبراير 2015

مازلت أبتسم

هنا ، في الولايات المتحدة التي هي قبلة كل شخص طموح هذه الأرض التي كثيراً ما يسمونها أرض الأحلام
هنا ، في الولايات المتحدة .. مازلت أضخك مهما كانت ابتلاءاتي.. مازلت أضحك مهما كانت ظروفي المحيطة
مازلت أتلو صلواتي وأردد أذكاري ودعواتي.. مازلت أشكر ربي عزّ وجلّ على كل نعمه الوفيرة

هنا في الولايات المتحدة ، علمتني الحياة الكثير

ومازلت اكتسب العلم المنير

أبتسم وأعمل بضمير

ودوما أشكر الله تعالى على الخير الوفير

الجمعة، 20 فبراير 2015

Should I Stand Up for Myself, or Walk Away



I'm here tonight, to ask some questions and say it out laud through these lines .. I'm here tonight to ask if human principles matter in the work places beside making money?. I'm asking everyone if right and wrong matter? I would like to ask, how justice and injustice effect on our lives in this country whether it's at work, at school or anywhere else?. I would like to ask how it's look like if your direct boss targeted you, discriminated you, threatened you that he can fire you any time he wants, and harassed you whenever you ask for restroom or for prayer (for me as Muslim girl,to practice her religion her faith and pray when prayer time comes during work hours). and when you report about him to the higher bosses they just stand beside him, protect him and humiliate you, and if you resist to give up, if you believed in your rights and dare to stand for your self and start to contact to the HEAD BOSSES IN THE HEAD QUATER ask for investigation and demand for protection and guess what you get, A TERMINATION PAPER (*_*). I just want to know guys how many of you faced an experience like what I faced or even knew someone had
Come on, tell me how many of you experienced a situation like that?. I would like to know for real, because I did lived in that situation and I'm still going thru it. Why?. Because I can't accept what they did to me and walk away. I mean I am in the United States right?, I mean this is the Country of Constitution. The Land Of Law. The land of civil rights. Country of Cowboys and Cowgirls who stand for the right side no matter what. I'm in a land that I believe in its Justice. Besides, I believe that The owners of the Corporation I work for "Cargill" and its CEO have no idea about what's going on with me, and what's going on in the facility I work at
I believe that No one knows about what happens in this far small town Plant -Dodge City- which located in the West, where I call America's Heart as well as the South, where cowboys and cowgirls belong. The State of Kansas where WYATT EARP came from. the State of Kansas, where I believe that good and high standard people still exist in, as well as unjust people like: Shawn Mott, Scott Reid, Tyler Luft, Kimberly Nichols, Terry Murphy do exist
I'm asking questions about the company I belong, the company I love and adore its Slogan, I'm asking questions because I'm looking for answers and solutions. Where is the equality inside Cargill Meat Solution, Dodge City Plant -KS
Where is The Code Of The West?. Where's THE GOLDEN RULE from all of this matter, I 'm talking about my matter here. I'm talking about what Cargill Dodge City Plant Bosses are doing inside the plant and no one in the Corporate Head Quarter knows about it. or let me say no one took an action of change yet. I'm talking about when more than one Boss set you as a target and plan to terminate your employment as a retaliation . Why?. because you're a female employee who works hard, has dignity, pride, integrity, truthfulness and always happy. because you're a United States legal Immigrant, because you're a Muslim female employee who says No to those kind of offers which are disrespectful, dishonest, immoral and unprofessional
I'm talking about those Bosses who have the company trust, the company authorization and use it in personal way against Muslim employees generally and against me specially starting from targeting me since so long and ending to terminated me as a retaliation. and between both, provoking me every single chance, discriminating me about restroom right and harassing me
Where is the Principles and Ethics that we all taught and had raised by our parents from all of these?. Where's that important values in life which we learnt by our teachers at school?. Where's that code: "Knowing Wright from Wrong" Where's that important standard which says: "Following The Golden Rule: " Treat others as well as you want to be treated
Where's the Justice from all of this Unfair situations that's happening in Cargill DC Plant? this ugly Discrimination against Muslim employees inside there, Making the Mexican supervisors and their close friends Untouchables, giving them unlimited authorization to do whatever they want do no matter how wrong it's or how illegal it's without being aware of any consequences of their bad attitude. Those Hispanic supervisors who can pay the Mexican absent employee who's close to them  while he/she is at home or on vocation by clicking in and clicking out for them, using his/her Work ID
 Who will discharge those corrupt supervisors  for such crimes like that, or even observe them to catch them one day?. Who will held them accountable for what they do? those Hispanic supervisors who can bring back their hispanic friends who got fired by the company security staff because of Stealing the company product (the meat) and how possibly they could do that without getting help from the HR Office?. Those supervisors who can bring the thief back and then make him a supervisor like that one in my department(M). And no one can dare to question about that, no one can dare to check them out, to investigate about it, or held them accountable or even to punish them. Why
No one can say WHY???. Because the whole Top Bosses are involved with the Hispanic corrupt supervisors. Because the top staff bosses who suppose to be fair, truthful, honest, dependable and responsible bosses at the company are involved with them? starting from the Fabrication Office, Ending to the Human Resource Office???. Why
Why there's no law that protect regular employees like me from those sharks like them in every work environment across the United State?. Who will stop those abuser bosses from abusing us, harassing us, mistreating us?. Who will take the action to open investigation in Cargill Dodge City KS?. Who will stop those group who think we are less then them. Who will stop those Bosses who abuse their authorization to threaten us every time we ask for restroom or Prayer as Muslims, suspend us for no reason, make favors and exceptions for their Hispanic friends and once they see you noticed their corruption, when they see you starting to report about them and demand equality, they simply unite against you, Make up a lie say that you left the work line without permission which is a lie (I never leave my work place without permission) and suspend you then terminate you. Why?. Because you crossed the line when you Dare to mention the corruption, the Mediocrity and ask for Equality
After all
 I'm the one who got terminated from her job without anything wrong she did except she demanded equal treatment and respect for her and for her religion as Muslim. I'm the one who believes in her self and the Power of Words to reach Cargill CEO and make her voice heard across the States. In the same time, when I think about the verbal mistreating and ignorance that I did received so far from the Corporate Head Quarter staff : Steve Polski, Patty and Mark Hosmann, on my way to reach Cargill CEO and get my job back. When I think about how those three people treated me by believing Shawn Mott and ignoring me -Mark-.  by hiding my letters and my documents that I sent to the Corporate Chief Executive from him -Patty-, by calling me on my mobile number to say: Stop writing to the CEO or calling his office, The man is busy and very important and has no time for people like you -Steve-. When I think about them all, how they liked to believe and save their people "White People", to approve the discrimination decision against me and reject to take the right side or start to open an investigation to find our the Truth, I started to wonder if this is worthy
I started to wonder if I should keep going in this path 'till I take my right back and go back to my job, because I matter and truth matters as well, or I should take it as it's, accept this injustice & unfair issue which happened to me, walk away and apply for those hundreds available Employments out there as Cargill HQ director of supply chain "Steve Polski" told me on the Phone that day, Friday January 30th 2015. And if I walked away without a try, would I ever forget it or be able to forgive myself that I gave up in my first case of my life -my personal case- instead of standing for my rights and my beliefs
 How come I would be able to feel good when I attend Law School later

I'm wondering right now how many people out there who believe me in this matter, how many who don't?. Who had or still have the same experience like what I have?. Who is with the right no matter what, and who likes to walk away from troubles even if that means he/she gives up from what it matters?. How many people wondering right now about my job, and saying: why it's that much important to you girl while it's just Cutting the Meat? considering my job as a low class job, involving with meat, blood and fat under a big noisy laud machine area which makes me put hear plugs? so they kind of wondering why I'm fighting for this job?. for them they see it's not worthy while for me it's. I'm wondering how many people thought about that??. Well, all what I want to say is : "I love what I do, I love my job and I did nothing to deserve discharge or retaliation. Besides, It's all about the Right and the Wrong in this life, it's all about having your own choice to leave or stay as long as you're a good and responsible worker
 On the other hand, I would like to know how many people consider me as a crazy jealous girl who's a previous employee of Cargill just writing to spread her anger and her grudge. WOW, I wonder how many people could possibly thinking that way about me
At the end, here I'm, asking: Who will hold those Cargill dodge city bad bosses on accountable? Who discharge them for what they do to immigrant employees like me?. who will investigate with them?. Who will show America what they did to people before me, what they did to me and they're still doing to legal immigrant workers every day right there
I'm here asking, How far you care about knowing Right from Wrong? I'm here to ask: Where are those kind of Bosses who has principles, ethics, morals, Where are those Bosses who believe in "The Golden Rule" for real. Where are those kind of Bosses who still hold The Code Of The West for real?. Where are they??? I would like to meet them. Those Bosses who stand for Honesty, Truthfulness, Equality. those who have no greed, and no vanity?. who have no double faces, but they are always the same whether you see them at Home with their families or at work with their employees.

Here I'm, demanding for my right to back to my job and those unjust people get the right punishment they deserve


الاثنين، 16 فبراير 2015

Thank You Ray

I would like to Thank someone tonight, someone who did the right, who helped me when the others targeted me. who stood by my side when I need a fair boss, who took an action when I wrote an official complaint letter to him, did investigation to find the truth, then helped me have my two weeks unfairly suspension paycheck back. Mr. Ray Rangel, who's a good person, a good boss. Who's a person with principles and ethics
Tonight,  I would like to thank that gentleman who's Cargill Dodge City HR member:. Yes, He is part of our company's Human Recourse Office, but he is not Mistreat person or Racist like many of them

 He is not with those who think that we -legal immigrant workers- are less than them. He is a man with his word. I know that he tried to stop the wrong, I know that he fought for me during his investigation. He told me nothing, but I could tell,. because we all have or most of us have their Sixth Sense to know how's the situation with some one through his/her eye contact or through his/her body language
I know that he faced his bosses in the HR-Office to show them that what they did to me on June 06th-22nd, 2014 was totally unfair and dishonest. I know that he made them give me my money back, my two weeks suspension money. I know that he tried to stop them but as it seems he couldn't. how could he possibly face Seven people while he's only one?. At least he is trying to help those who need his help in that office.  So, here I'm to show him my appreciation through my blog. .. here I'm to say thanks 
 Thank you Ray Rangel, for who you  are. Thank you for trying to do the right thing there every day. Thank you to help me through my struggling path to stop being targeted  and discriminated by those bosses in the fab office, who were lying and putting me in trouble all the time, Those bosses who worked together to ruin my reputation and make me out just because I'm a Muslim girl with honor, dignity, truthfulness and Integrity, a Muslim girl who refused to accept harassment, Insulting, discrimination or mediocrity in her work place.
Besides, I'm the one who knows their secret about the thief inside the company, the Mexican thief that they brought him back on April 2013 after he got terminated by the company security staff on March 2013, then made him a supervisor in my department while the truthful hard work Muslim employees getting insulted, write up warning, suspension or termination almost everyday for such no reason but restroom need or prayer time
 Thank you Ray to help me get my paycheck. Thank you because you're a fair boss, a good person who had been raised well by his parents. Thank you to be the fair HR Office member who doesn't need a mask, because he is real, and he treats all with respect
I hope you will always stay as you are:  fair, straight, helpful and good boss. I am sure you will, I just wanted to say it any way
I'm sure that you will always be blessed in every single step that you would ever take in  your life,  because you're good to people, you treat all of those hundreds of different background employees in the same way with totally respect. because you believe that  all are equal and no one is special or getting exceptions
 Be sure, that majority of  those employees regardless of their descent, despite of their religion be sure that they admire you, respect you a lot and hold deeply appreciation in their hearts for you ... I'm sure many of them pray for you every time they remember how you helped them during their difficulties or their struggling with the other HR Bosses, those bosses who pretend  care, those who pretend respect and put that fake smile on their faces when they are talking to you while their whole body language tells you that they disdain you, contempt you and don't give a bit sh* about you. They think that what they feel about you will not deliver. They don't know that we can feel who respect us and who disfavor us, who cares and who doesn't
They don't know the truth about human sensation which transfer the real feelings between people about each other which means we always feel when the person in front of us shows real care or just pretend , You can know when that smile on that face is real or just a mask. so thanks Ray for being just you. You know, Once a while I heard Pastor Joel Osteen says: "You go around being good to people and GOD will make sure people are good back to you" . That Said is 100%  true   


الأحد، 15 فبراير 2015

د. طارق السويدان

"هناك مباديء في الاسلام لا تحتاج إلى فتوى ، منها وجوب رفع الظلم والتضحية لأجل الحق وإقامة العدل على الجميع "

~ د. طارق السويدان ~
الداعية والمفكر الإسلامي

الخميس، 12 فبراير 2015

عقيدة الشرفاء

"و الفضلاء من جميع الأديان هم علي دين واحد . لأن المتدين الفاضل لا يتصور الله خالقاً له وحده و هادياً له وحده
أو لفئة وحدها . . و إنما هو نور السموات و الأرض . . المتاح لكل من يجتهد باحثا عنه ."
(( د/  ))
تلك العبارة ظلت تسكن  وتعبق في ذهني طوال سنوات..  لم  تفارقني البتة مذ قرأتها في صيف2008  من كتاب: "رحلتي من الشك إلى الإيمان"  للمفكر الكبير الدكتور   رحمه الله

اي وربي فعقيدة الشرفاء والفضلاء واحدة لا تتغير بتغير الأزمان والأحوال ..فعقيدة الشرفاء والفضلاء  ثابتة لا تتغير مع تغير الظروف ولا تتبدل مع تبدل  النفوس 
فمهما اختلفت اديان هؤلاء الفضلاء وعقائدهم او اختلفت لغاتهم او ثقافاتهم لاتزل القيم لديهم والمبادئ وأسس الأخلاق هي نفسها عند الجميع اينما كانو   "واحدة" وثابتة  نعم فالفضيلة تظل فضيلة والرذيلة تظل رذيلة والصح يظل الصح والخطأ هو خطأ

وهل تتجزأ النزاهة  أم هل تتجزأ الإستقامة 
نعم إن القيم والمبادئ التي ننشأ عليها ونتربى ونعلم على ان نتمسك بها والتمثل بها والعيش وفقها لا تتغير ولا تتجزأ مهما علت وتيرة الإبتلاءات في الحياة ومهما دارت الأيام بين الناس وهنا فقط يتبين الحق من الباطل هنا فقط تتبين معادن الأشخاص ومدى قوتهم وثباتهم .. ففي الأبتلاءات  تظهر حقيقة تربيتنا من زيفها او الإغراءات وتظهر صدق أخلاقنا من كذبها ... نعم
في إختبارات الحياة إما نكرم او نهان  وفي خضم الفتن يظهر مدى ثباتنا على الحق.. وقد قال رب العزة جل وعلا في سورة العنكبوت :  *{ الم (1) أَحَسِبَ النَّاسُ أَن يُتْرَكُوا أَن يَقُولُوا آمَنَّا وَهُمْ لَا يُفْتَنُونَ (2) وَلَقَدْ فَتَنَّا الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِهِمْ فَلَيَعْلَمَنَّ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ صَدَقُوا وَلَيَعْلَمَنَّ الْكَاذِبِينَ (3) }*

الأحد، 8 فبراير 2015

Good Bosses


I will always remember that In some point, there were Good and Fair Bosses in Cargill Dodge City Plant last year
Mr. Jon Surman , and  Mr. Duane Clark who stood by my side  on June 2014 and stopped  the Conspiracy of Arturo Ceron, Juan Murales and Carelessness of HR staff -Kim Nichols, Katie and Scott Reid-... Unfortunately, they both left Dodge City. They left Cargill