الاثنين، 30 مارس 2015

Thank You Douglas

Dear Douglas,.. Thank you for your representation today, thank you for what you said to the Judge, and what you  did to bring Justice for me.... Thank you Sir to stand up for me, I truly appreciate that

Mr. Douglas C. Hobbs is My Attorney that took my case and started the Appeal Process Vs. Cargill Meat Solution when Cargill and Kansas Department of Labor Denied my application, my right to have the State Unemployment Insurance Benefit 'till my financial situation will be settle it , Why? because Cargill Dodge City Human Resource Office staff lied to the Kansas Dep. Of  Labor representative. ~The Examiner~ they deceived and hide the truth
 They said that I'm misconduct employee and my termination is based on misconduct that connect with work which is false while the truth is that I got terminated from my job because of a Religious Discrimination reason + Plus, Retaliation by Bosses who supposed to be honest, responsible, professional, fair and well behave while they are racists, dishonest, irresponsible ,unprofessional, and unjust
Bosses who represent Cargill in bad way. Bosses who mistreat workers all the time and get away with no consequences. Bosses who misbehave around most of the times. Bosses who don't care about your complaint letters if you write to them weather it's a sexual harassment complaint or a religious discrimination. Bosses who terminate good and loyal employees while they forge legal documents to return a thief back to the company, Bosses who cover each other's crimes with no one watch them except ALMIGHTY GOD
Bosses with ZERO ethics and ZERO human principles who think that they are better than you just because you're a legal immigrant who live and work on the United States while they hold the citizenship papers just because they born here, or their great grand fathers came here, killed the Native-Americans and occupied the whole land
 Bosses who think they are better than you just because they finished school while you didn't yet or you barely speak English and hardly write your name. Bosses who think they're better than you just because they're sitting on a clean and quite office, handling some papers with talking on the phone while you're working so hard in a noise and bloody area handling a heavy equipment, dealing with knife daily, cutting meats around the corner, and standing on your feet 7-8 hours. Bosses like: Shawn Mott + Scott Reid + Kimberly Nichols + Tyler Luft + Terry Murphy + Binito + Cattie  who fake the facts and lie to save each other and get away from the punishment of the Head Quarter Office, Bosses who call themselves ~The Human Recourse Staff~ with ZERO Humanity. Bosses who turn the business to be full of Shame and dishonored, Bosses who destroy Cargill's Reputation and Its image locally and internationally ....What a shame, what a loss


حسن الظن بالله عز وجل

حسن الظن بالله عز وجل أحلى وأعظم وأروع شيء بها الدنيا.. حسن ظننا بربنا سبحانه فيه سعادتنا وحبل نجاتنا فطريق الحياة مليئ بالمطبات .. بس احنا كبشر , قلّما ندري بها الحقيقة. حسن ظننا بخالقنا فيه فائدتنا ومصلحتنا المادية، فيه مصلحتنا المعنوية وكذلك مصلحتنا الروحية.. حسن ظننا بربنا يخلينا نعرف نستمر في حياتنا بسكينة وسعادة بثقة وطمأنينة.. حسن ظننا بخالقنا جل جلاله يخلينا نخطوا خطواتنا بثبات على طول الأيام..  يخلينا نعيش عيشة مليانة رضى وتوفيق، عيشة مليانة نور وسرور، نعم بكل تأكيد.. ورب العزّة جلّ من قائل: ((أنا عند ظن عبدي بي، إن ظن بي خيرًا فله، وإن ظن شرًا فله)). يا الله

سبحان الله
سبحانك يا الله
و الحين كثير من المفكرين والباحثين والعلماء قاعدين يحاكوا في علم قوانين الجذب في الكون ومدى قوتها ومدى تأثيرها على البشر وحياتهم ... فما تفكر فيه كثيرا وتتوقعه أكيد يجيلك ويحصل لك مش مهم هو زين والا شين

الجمعة، 20 مارس 2015

Taking Cargill DC~Plant Staff toThe Arbitration

Dear My UFCW Representative
Cargill Meat Solution Dodge City Plant Fabrication Staff (Tyler Luft+ Terry Murphy+ Binito Negyon+ Arturo Ceron + Miguel) Plus the HR Staff  (Kimberly Nichols +Kattie + Scott Ried) didn't stop at the point of make up a lie to terminate me unfairly. They didn't stop at the point of lying about the reason behind my suspension, they didn't stop at the point of making a superficial unreal investigation about my matter, then printing my termination. But they gone so far with me. They stepped  to make it a large retaliation because I wrote an official complaint letter to the HQ Office in Minneapolis - MN asked for a true investigation down here, wrote about their discrimination, their mediocrity and their corruption inside the plant. So when I applied to the Unemployment Benefit and claimed it after I got Termination, They denied and alleged that I'm a misconduct employee, then The KS Dept of Labor denied my right to have my government support 'till I back to my job or find another job
I wonder how those people been raised??. I wonder how those people raise their kids and smile with their bad attitudes?? I wonder how those people can sleep at night after they make huge mess on other people's lives??. after they misbehave with innocent people whom are under their command??? I wonder how those people wake up every day to keep harassing, discriminating, misbehaving, targeting, abusing and doing the same bad thing to people over and over again, I wonder how they live by that wrong and dishonest way and be able in the same time to go home, hug their kids, their pets, their lovers, their spouses?. I wonder if those people ever Pray to GOD??? .. how can they go to Church on Sunday's and pray to GOD after all what they do to people at work every week??,How can they go to Church and pretend that they are good people?? .. How can they act like they do nothing wrong at all, How can they pretend that they have principles, ethics and values in this life
I wonder how they can be very contradictory with their selves just like that????.. How come  they are not afraid of the Justice of Almighty GOD.. because as I know for sure, as every body knows for sure and  as Pastor Joel Osteen said once : ~Life might not be Fair but God always is A FAIR GOD~. Yes, that's so true
It doesn't matter who you are, what's your religion, your race or where you come from, What you do to others whether good or bad  will always back to you and to your family  ~sooner or later~... That's the Justice-Law of GOD works in this life. That's how the Universe works.  I don't know, how can they sell a product that is fulfilled with too much unjust, a product that coming from hands that suffers deeply unfairness, hands that feel pain all the time. Hands that belong to someone who face uncountable obstacles and non stop abusing. How come is possible that America eats that meat, that  bloody and teary meat without taking any action to stop the unjust and punish those whom are responsible
Dear my UFCW representative
Who can believe it
That people like Kim Nichols, Shawn Mott and Scott Ried made me take an attorney for my unemployment claim to get it because it's my right, because they tried to ruin my reputation and they convinced the Kansas State of Labor representative that I don't deserve my  Unemployment benefit which I never ever imagined that I will reach that point at this period time of my life
Scott Reid, Katie and Kimberly Nichols did that to me. Those people with Tyler Luft, Terry Murphy, and Binito stood for that Bad abuser and racist supervisor Arturo Ceron with that Miguel. They all  unitedd together with their own personal benefits, and  attended to ruin my work reputation
Because I mentioned about their Racism and  unequality Treatment and their corruption, their retaliation made me stop and wonder if those people ever care or think about the consequence or the price that they may or will ever  cost CARGILL because of what they did and still doing to workers inside that plant
The huge mistakes they do, the huge wrong decisions, they make, the huge unacceptable and un equal treatment they take every day that may affects badly on Cargill's reputation?? Do they ever ask themselves if  someone will take them to the Arbitration .. like some one suffered ~as I did or other ones ~ will write about them, write about what they do, and publish it through the NET and of course through United Stated NewsPapers so people across America will read about Cargill Meat Solution-DC Plant Concentration Camp and how they treat employees that work on the product that they sell later around the country or around the world ~MEAT~ who will eat or will buy that product which is filled with dishonor, shame, un equality, hate, abuse and religious discrimination.
And By the way
I think no one can come to me later to say:  why you didn't come to me first??? No one can ever dare to come to me and say to me  that I'm dis-loyal worker, or disgraceful person because I'm not, I am totally loyal, totally honored one, I'm truthful  who wrote first to her bosses, to tell and point the problem, the HR  Staff and then I'm the one who wrote next to the Head Quarter Office staff seeking for solutions and Justice
I'm the one who wrote to the CEO Dave MacLennan more than once, I'm the one who tried to call his office many times to talk to him in person but his Assistant ~Patty~ didn't allowed me, she kept lying to me over and over  and later on, that CEO Personal Assistant sent to me that gentleman who called me and talked to me on the pone. That man with the name of ~Steve Polski~ to say : "Hey, Stop calling the HQ and accept the fact that you're fired because we trust DodgeCity Staff and agree with them about their decision. Oh, GOD, what can I say?. All what I can say is: this experience made me stronger . YES , it did and it made me had little more wise . This experience showed me who's real friend and who's fake. I'm truly grateful to God for everything. I truly thank HIM ~GOD~ for everything I went thru, I'm truly grateful to God, for what HE taught me so far and of course what HE showed me in life
Thank GOD
Thank God that I'm Blessed, Thank GOD that I'm strong, a Faithful one who's well raised. Thank God that I'm still standing for myself. Than God that I Standing tall and have my dignity, my integrity, my honor and my pride. I hope to hear from you soon and I pray you and all your dears stay Blessed... Amen

All The Best


الثلاثاء، 17 مارس 2015

بلا حدود-أحمد منصور مع يورغن تودنهوفر ~ألماني حصل على أمان البغدادي~

~Brave~ ... By: Josh Groban

Wake up, wake up, the sun cannot wait for long
Reach out, reach out before it fades away
You will find the warmth when you surrender
Smile into the fear and let it play
You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can't be so
You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause' it's all so close
When you stand up and hold out your hand
In the face of what I don't understand
My reason to be brave
Hold on, hold on, so strong, time just carries on
And all that you thought was wrong is pure again
You can't hide forever from the thunder
Look into the storm and feel the rain
You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can't be so
You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause' it's all so close
When you stand uṗ and hold out your hand
In the face of what I don't understand
My reason to be brave
O oh oh oh oh
O oh oh oh oh
O oh oh oh oh
Go on, go on
You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can't be so
You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause' it's all so close
When you stand up and hold out your hand
In the face of what I don't understand
My reason to be brave